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2- Day Inclusive Purple Fest
28th & 29th December 2023 28th & 29th December 2023

General Zorawar Singh Auditorium, Jammu University

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Shri Manoj Sinha Honorable Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir

This year’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities calls for a people-centered approach to ensure full and effective participation of persons with disabilities, their inclusion in society and economic processes to realise the goals of 2030 agenda and other development frameworks. Today’s commemoration is also the day of commitment to ensure efficient delivery mechanism and to ensure that no one is left behind. Various initiatives for inclusion of Persons with Disabilities have been taken in Jammu and Kashmir such as Implementation of J&K Rights to Persons with Disabilities Rules, Appointment of a Disability Commissioner for focused attention, Registration with the National Trust emphasizing commitment to Intellectual Disabilities, recognition of 100% visual disability as benchmark disability for MTS post, increase in number of benchmark disabilities for various posts leading to appointments of Persons with Disabilities in the government sector, remarkable 200% increase in distribution of retrofitted scooties for achieving saturation for persons with locomotor disability, Increase in Horizontal Reservation from 3% to 4%, establishment of Halfway Home and Composite Regional Centre in Srinagar and Jammu. On this day, I convey my best wishes to Divyangjan and I reassure them of our collective endeavours in creating an inclusive society. In every sphere of life, they will be provided with equal opportunities to develop their fullest potential to make India a model country and J& K a model UT committed to ensuring Life with Dignity for one and all.

Atal Dulloo Chief Secretary, Jammu & Kashmir

On this International Day of Persons with Disabilities, I extend heartfelt greetings to all. Let's collectively reaffirm our dedication to constructing an inclusive society that values diversity and embraces everyone. This day serves as a poignant reminder of our joint responsibility to champion rights, commemorate achievements, and tirelessly advocate for equal opportunities. Through impactful awareness campaigns and dedicated programs, we aim to safeguard the rights enshrined in the J&K Rights to Persons with Disabilities Rules, ensuring that every individual is treated with the dignity and respect they rightfully deserve. The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has embraced a comprehensive approach to inclusivity, exemplified by the diligent implementation of the J&K Rights to Persons with Disabilities Rules. Noteworthy accomplishments include achieving saturation in pensions for Persons with Disabilities, the enhanced distribution of retrofitted scooties, better implementation of Horizontal Reservation, a significant stride in the establishment of Halfway Homes and Composite Regional Centre. Furthermore, the issuance of UDID cards has been executed with unwavering dedication through seamless coordination between the Health and Social Welfare Department. As a testament to these efforts, the Union Territory has achieved an impressive 93% issuance of UDID cards. These cards now stand as a universally recognized document, opening doors to a myriad of benefits for individuals with disabilities. On this auspicious occasion, let us join hands in weaving the fabric of a society where every individual can not only exist but truly thrive, irrespective of their abilities. Together, we can contribute meaningfully to our shared journey of progress and prosperity, fostering an environment where the potential of each person is realized and celebrated.

Sheetal Nanda Commissioner Secretary

Dear fellow citizens, On this momentous occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, I extend my warmest greetings, reaffirming our steadfast commitment to nurturing an inclusive society. The Social Welfare Department has played a pivotal role since the implementation of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act in 2016. Through strategic initiatives such as the framing of J&K Rights to Persons with Disabilities Rules, the appointment of a dedicated Disability Commissioner, facilitation of registration with the National Trust, and the substantial increase in suitable government job posts for Persons with Disabilities, we have actively worked towards dismantling barriers to inclusion. The remarkable achievements, including a 200% rise in the distribution of retrofitted scooties, attaining saturation in pensions, implementing Horizontal Reservation in direct recruitment, providing soft loans through NHFDC, and establishing a Halfway Home and Composite Regional Centre, underscore our commitment to fostering an environment where every individual, irrespective of ability, can participate in and contribute to the socio-economic and political landscape. Together, let us march towards a future where the potential of every citizen is unlocked, recognizing individuals with disabilities not merely as beneficiaries but as dynamic contributors, enriching the intricate tapestry of our society.

Mohd. Iqbal Lone Commissioner J&K for Persons with Disabilities

Warm greetings as we approach the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd. Our unwavering commitment is to foster an inclusive and empowering society for individuals with disabilities. On this auspicious occasion, I assure persons with disabilities that they will no longer be marginalized. They will be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. We aspire to make J&K a model of inclusivity, inspiring society while championing the cause of PwDs. Together, let's make a lasting impact on the lives of persons with disabilities, ensuring they are integral participants in our shared journey towards progress and prosperity.

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Promoting Integration and Inclusion

Establishing an environment that not only educates everyone about the disabled community and their capabilities but also respects and celebrates diversity.

Sports Spirit

  • Cricket match
  •  Basketball match
  •  Volleyball match
  • Indoor games
  • Athletics
  • Awards for winners in sports activities

Contact No. of Concerned Committee Member : 9419513911

Disability Dialogue

  • Conversations
  • Expert talks
  • Presentations
  • Research inputs

Contact No. Of Concerned Committee Member :  7006480076

Movie Screening

Embrace the magic of cinema in an accessible setting tailored for individuals with disabilities. Get ready for an unforgettable movie experience!

Contact No. Of Concerned Committee Member :  9469600005

Fashion Show

We are hosting a fashion show for people with disabilities is a fantastic way to celebrate inclusivity and showcase diversity. 

Contact No. Of Concerned Committee Member :  9419391308

Talent Hunt

  • Cultural Extravaganza
  • Fashion shows
  • Folk songs
  • Folk dances
  • Instrumental music

Contact No. Of Concerned Committee Member :  9469600005


Exhibition Of 50+ exhibitors

  • Products manufactured by Persons with Disability
  • Assistive Products manufactured by Companies for Persons with Disability

Contact No. Of Concerned Committee Member :  9419069073, 9419703961

Cultural Show

Witness a mesmerising array of cultural treasures, each performance a vibrant thread weaving the diversity of our inclusive traditions.

Contact No. Of Concerned Committee Member :  9419391308

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